Dark Hope Assassin (hope_assassin) wrote in naruino,
Dark Hope Assassin

[One-shot Fic] Unpremeditated

Hello there, everyone!

I'm new here, as well as to the NaruIno fanfiction universe, so I'm very pleased to meet you all. (bows and grins)

As a little "hello", I want to present you this little one-shot of mine.

Title: Unpremeditated
Rating: T
Summary: Years later, he wouldn't know where his endless confidence stemmed from; she wouldn't recall a lone boy's blotchy face as he cried his eyes dry whom she helped stand on his feet again; they wouldn't remember the sun setting upon what could have been a strong bond. And that was just sad, you know?

( Because we're all stars, all shining with a different light )
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