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C'est La Vie

When Acceptance Defies Differences

Attack of The Blondes
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What we're about...

Having fun! Now, Naruto and Ino are two such different... okay, not that different (what with their loud attitude and constant bitchiness) individuals, with their own dreams and idiosyncrasies. In the anime and manga, they never did share much airtime together. And it is such a shame, because if we get it right, these two can be the most compatible couple ever. And so, that makes them more interesting than other near-canon ones. Come on people, is there no other females than Hinata and Sakura that we can pitch against Naruto? Variety is THE spice of life!

What we're REALLY about...

+ Fanfiction
+ Fanart
+ Icons
+ Colour bars
+ Wallpaper
+ Doujinshi/Scanlation

If you have NaruIno, or Naruto, or Ino, then you can roll 'em all up inside this community! Just make sure that Naruto is not shagging another girl, or Ino is not getting down with some random boys from the show. After all, we are in the mission to spread the love of NaruIno throughout the world, and it will help in being straight-forward.

+ Fanfiction : Whatever genres and rating. But if your fanfic is an NC-17, then you have to give the warning when you're posting it up. Don't want some innocent kids getting their brains polluted now, do we? And when you're posting fanfics, make sure that you use an lj-cut. If you do not know what lj-cut is, go shoot yourself. Kidding, again. You can find the info on lj-cut in LiveJournal's FAQ. And please follow this simple format in your post;


If you're doing fanfics recommendation, please provide the link(s). We encourage sharing in here and we believe in good karma. ^_^

+ Fanart/Icons/Images/any graphic thingy : The rules are almost the same as for the fanfiction. Warning for NC-17 stuff and if you want to spam this community with a tsunami of images (yes, you can do that. Aren't we fun?), for God's sake, use lj-cut. We are going to personally behead anyone who flood the page. Seriously.

What you SHOULD do when you join this community...

Have fun! Blow something up! Paint a horse and set your school on fire! Eat junk food! Pollute the environment!


... Don't tell your parents we said that.

What you SHOULD NOT do when you join this community...

Now, we're goin' down on the serious stuff. As we have mentioned gazillion times before, we are here to have fun. So, please do not do anything that can bring the fun-ness out of this community. Example of NOT fun things that you SHOULD NOT do;

+ flaming other members (flame yourself for all we care, just remember to clean up after you're done)
+ flaming the moderators (you're so out if you dare to do that! We're playing GOD here!)
+ posting inappropriate/out-of-topic comments (e.g. OMG! NaRuTEm Iz TeH BomB!, You sux, 'cuz SaSuNaru iz DA BEST! Our comment: Get. A. Life.)
+ ... more to come; when we are feeling meaner than usual. Promise.

Because there is nothing more to be said...

Come on, people! Pick up your pen and pencils! Pull out fresh batch of papers! Exercise your fingers. Get rockin' and get creative!

Here, take the wings and arrows! Go play Cupid to our two favourite blondes! Until later, toodles!