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Attack of The Blondes

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Hey guys!! New Here! Bringing Vids!! [08.13.11 at 1:47pm]


Hello!!!  I made these videos and want to share them with you!! Even if some of them are in Spanish.....I still hope you enjoy them! 

Colgando en Tus Manos- Naruino

What's the Name of the Game Naruto?-NaruIno

I'll Always Love You Ino- NaruIno

Me Hace Tanto Bien- Naruino

If Ino Dies Young
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intro! and arts [02.23.11 at 11:41am]

hello! first time posting here! i'm actually a pretty big narusaku shipper, but i can't deny the appeal of this pairing! it's growing on me so muchhhh. because it's so UNBIASED and isn't full of wank fff

anyway, yeah, recently i've gotten to enjoy it a lot more and thus art is born! <3


hope you guys enjoy~ (come back to liiiife)

click it or ticket!Collapse )

usually i upload to my deviantart before anywhere else, so if you guys are interested you can find me at starchii @ dA! otherwise i eventually getting around to sharing on comms or forums :)
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Request for BlackWindKaze Stories , Black Destiny or Any [01.07.11 at 10:27am]

[ mood | bouncy ]

hey, i was wondering if maybe someone managed to save BlackWindKaze's fic's before they were deleted and could send it to me... if anyone has all pf them...PLEASE... send them to me..i'd be sooo grateful! ......could someone please send it to me too????please??? * puppyeyes *
love you guys!

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[07.24.10 at 10:22pm]


Hello everyone. Mind if I spread the blond love in the form of fanfiction?

Title: Curse of Curves
PG 13
Angst, Romance 
Warnings: Short, Implied sex, slight Abuse
As a kunoichi, Ino has missions - and Naruto's not sure he likes it.

it crawls

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[09.23.08 at 11:03pm]


Art by Iron+.

Happy Birthday, Ino! ♥

In celebration, I've created my Ino community: prettycosmos. Go crazy, Ino fans. ♥
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[04.10.08 at 12:32am]

 NarutoxIno I don't really understand why people don't think these two should not be together. There a perfect mach for one another... Heck I don't even understand why people call blonds stupid..
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OMG! I forgot about this place xD [09.24.07 at 5:10pm]

[ mood | Bored ]

Title: Thou Shalt Not Pranketh

Author: Me, of course!

Disclaimer: I own nothing.

Main Pairing: Naru/Ino, Jira/Tsu

Side Pairings: Gaa/Saku, Sasu/Hina, Neji/Ten, Shika/Tema, Lee/Matsuri, OCxOC pairings, Kaka/Kure, Iru/Anko

Genres: Humor, Romance, Drama

Summary: [I solemnly swear that I am up to no good.]As punishment, Naruto is sent to Manalo Prep. Lord knows the trouble he'll get into. [NaruIno][All het]



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Fanfiction: Chance Encounters [09.17.07 at 8:40pm]

[ mood | calm ]

 Never in a million years would I have thought to be writing Naruto x Ino, LOL.

But I find that I actually sorta like the pairing, and I wish to write more. =D Even if I am, as far as het goes, a ShikaIno and NaruSaku fan. But I've writen ShikamaruxSakura before, so I'm pretty much a hypocrite. >__>;;

Title: Chance Encounters
Fandom: Naruto
Pairing: NarutoxIno
Rating: K (G)

Naruto and Ino never really hung out together.

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Where is the love? xD lol [08.24.07 at 8:19pm]

[ mood | Bored Out Of My Mind ]

Naru/Ino is my favorite Het pairing, and I think it's the only one I'd read/write if it's main pairing in fanfics.

They are just so cute with each other!! ^.^

Uh, I'll post Naru/Ino fics on here since nobody's been doing that -.-;


See ya later!


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yo. [07.26.07 at 5:46pm]

[ mood | awkward ]

Hey, it's either I'm stupid and blind or something but I couldn't find any FAQs or rules stating new members have to introduce themselves. I guess I will sort-of introduce myself, since it's only polite...

My fanfiction.net username is After The Fray. Call me Fray/ATF, whatever.
So I was reading juliagulia1017's fanfic "The Irony of Love" (link) yesterday, and it was stuck in my head the whole of last night and today. The more I thought about it, the more I thought how the pairing NaruIno is so... natural. So appropriate.

Erm, that was probably asininely redundant. But yeah. Glad there's a community for NaruIno out here :)

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[07.16.07 at 1:45am]

my first post here  =D

kanae_mizuhito requested a NaruIno colorbar, so I think it would be a good ideia posting it here too =)

Hope you like it XP

+ 90 Icons
+ 06 Colorbars

( click for the love 8D)

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I bring NARUINO DRABBLES!! [05.21.07 at 9:03pm]

[ mood | blank ]

Title: Possessive | Mirror | Violets | Cigarettes | Faith.
By: Kaara @ arrankaara.
Prompt: Sharing; Angst; Delicate; Cigarettes; Afterlife.
Disclaimer: I do not own Naruto. If I do, I would've smacked Kishimoto upside down.
Rating: PG15. Yar, I am teh unsquicky, people!
Note: I posted the first three a while back, but never got around archiving them in this journal. So yeah, here there are. The sucky NaruIno drabbles! Feedback are very much welcomed. I live on feedbacks.

[ Oh yeah... I'm STILL shipping them! ]

Critics are very much welcomed!

X-posted to chuunin and naruino.

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[One-shot Fic] Unpremeditated [05.01.07 at 2:22pm]

Hello there, everyone!

I'm new here, as well as to the NaruIno fanfiction universe, so I'm very pleased to meet you all. (bows and grins)

As a little "hello", I want to present you this little one-shot of mine.

Title: Unpremeditated
Rating: T
Summary: Years later, he wouldn't know where his endless confidence stemmed from; she wouldn't recall a lone boy's blotchy face as he cried his eyes dry whom she helped stand on his feet again; they wouldn't remember the sun setting upon what could have been a strong bond. And that was just sad, you know?

( Because we're all stars, all shining with a different light )
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Naruto Fanart: NaruIno Stuffs! [04.30.07 at 3:16am]

[ mood | artistic ]

Naruto & Ino in varying stages of dress (Naruto):

I'm hoping to actual color a couple of these this time around!

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[Drabble] Fait Accompli [04.29.07 at 9:13pm]

Title: Fait Accompli
Disclaimer: Nope.
Warnings: None to speak of.
Pairings: NaruIno if you tilt your head just so; otherwise, could be interpreted as a friendship fic.

( Eight-year-old Yamanaka Ino had had enough. )
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